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Melanie and the Knitmores, Feeling French

Episode 97 – Swearing at Stitches

Note: This episode has quite a bit of explicit (but hilarious) language which may not be appropriate for our younger or more-sensitive listeners. Melanie takes over the show once again as she visits the Stitches West show in Santa Clara, California! As usual, she spoke with some very cool people, …

Episode 96 – A Voguey Colloquium

Once again the girls found themselves wandering around Vogue Knitting Live in New York. VLK is always a blast, and the girls were able to interview a ton of great people, including: Al from Eleggant Hooks; Shannon Okey from Cooperative Press; Mackenzie from Loopy Mango; Steven Be; Tabitha from Long …

Posing at the guild meeting

Episode 95 – More from the Midwest

This episode continues the girls’ January trip to the Midwestern US, where they spoke at the knitters’ guild meetings in Wisconsin and Minnesota. They interviewed listener Larry (AKA Ledman), and visited Susan’s Fiber Shop and had a great chat with Sue. Of course, no Savvy Girl trip is complete without …

Cheese Curds and Connie

Episode 94 – Knitting Pills and Squeaky Cheese

This episode follows Melanie and Deborah on their way to speak and perform in Madison, Wisconsin. Unsurprisingly, it’s filled with entertaining adventure… While they were in the area, the girls got to tour the Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill. Listen for an interview from that visit.

Melanie at Mood fabric store

Episode 93 – The Anti-Fan

As Melanie laments some less-than-positive feedback she received, Deborah’s attention turns to new year’s resolutions and – of course – knitting! Now that Deborah’s finished her Annelida Gauntlets and her Coyote Trail shawl, she’s been enjoying working on designer and friend Joji‘s mystery KAL. The show finishes up with some …

Episode 92 – A Holiday Show

It’s our holiday episode, sort of. Melanie started a personal blog. Deborah’s finally had some time to knit! She finished her Rutting Reindeers hat and her Annelida Gauntlets. Melanie met up with listener Julie and her husband, and interviewed them. Deborah, meanwhile, went shopping and discovered that Boxing Day isn’t …

Episode 91 – Howler Monkeys and Dancing Bears

The Savvy Girls have been busy lately: working, performing, speed-dating, and even partying! Deborah hasn’t been able to do much knitting, so she talks a bit about some interesting projects that were made and posted by members of our Ravelry group. Freeflower‘s Cabled Snappy Scitchr‘s Mini Sweater Ornament with Cables …

Episode 90 – Magnanimous

In this show, the girls attempt to bring back a word, awkwardly improvise some knit-lit, and talk about a passel of other topics, all randomly drawn from a hat. If you haven’t already, check out episodes 67 and 68 for more live-to-tape goodness!

Rhinebeck Sign

Episode 89 – Dishes Full of Sink

It’s Rhinebeck time again! This episode is from the 2012 New York State Sheep and Wool festival. The girls met and chatted with lots of great people during that weekend, and interviewed several of them in this episode, including: Jen from the Down Cellar Studio Podcast, Liz Marino and Miss …