Episode 5 – Much Ado About Spinsters!

Join us today for some chit-chatting and dentist talk. Is yarn really all that important in Uruguay? Just ask the government! Spinsterhood My knitting this week comes from: Shadows and Reflections, Canyon Throw by Judith Shangold Sophisticated-Rustic Jacket by Pam Allen Samus by Brynne Sutton

Episode 4 – Alpaca Crossing!

Today we celebrate Deborah’s birthday with a bonus episode! Deborah goes shopping for presents for herself, Melanie sends her a present, and Deborah hosts a birthday knitting party. What do YOU think about when you are in bed falling asleep? Melanie tells of her encounter with “a big black woolly …

Episode 3 – Butter Yellow and Army Green

In today’s show we use some words that may be inappropriate for sensitive young ears. Nothing really serious, but you might want to listen to this one with earphones on. Hats off to the 3rd sibling in our family, Andrew, for all his behind-the-scenes work on the podcast. Deborah learns …

Deborah’s new spinning wheel

This is my new spinning wheel.  It was handmade and came from Cordoba, Argentina.  Can you tell me anything about it? I know how to make it do the basics, but I don’t know much else!

Episode 1 – I hate knitting! (Not really)

Welcome all listeners! Today you meet sisters Melanie and Deborah. We discuss the 2009 World Wide Knit in Public day in Buenos Aires, and take a look at the poem What Happened to Lazy Charlotte from Heinrich Hoffman’s book Slovenly Betsy. We are looking forward to the Olds College Fibre …