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Episode 184 – A Friend in Leeds (Actually Three)

Another trip to Leeds, and chats with three lovely knitters: Eden (Melanie’s new performance partner), Maia and Ally (remember them?  Fab knitters from Leeds) Interested in Supporting Melanie’s new CD project?  Check out her IndiGogo Page:  

Melanie in Chad

Episode 173 – Back in the Saddle

The Savvy Girls (well, Melanie), are back!  And podcasting regularly again (Barring more unexpected vocal rest).  After a worldwide tour, including: (Taiwan, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, England, Czech Republic, Chad and Sudan), Melanie is chatting about travel, updates and knitting!*   *Okay, who are we kidding?  There is not THAT much …


Episode 142 – Knitted Crackers

In this episode, Melanie talks about a dress she received from her nemesis, Deborah gives a quick update, then Savvy Mom takes over! She talks about a mystery afghan she’s working on, describes some unique holiday knitting and crocheting she did, and then reads a story from 1912!

Listen to the Gerbil songs

If you want to listen to the gerbil songs from episode 21 without all that knitting talk, here are direct links: Try to Remember…Malabrigo All I Squeak of You My Favorite Squeaks Wide Open Gerbils The Gerbils bring you this original performance…inspired by their love for all things Malabrigo It’s …

Deborah’s new spinning wheel

This is my new spinning wheel.  It was handmade and came from Cordoba, Argentina.  Can you tell me anything about it? I know how to make it do the basics, but I don’t know much else!