The wedding gift

Episode 131 – Start Swapping!

Deborah opens this episode by talking about wedding crafts, spinning, and fall knitting plans. The Savvy Girls are going to Rhinebeck again this year. Be sure to say hi if you see them there. Melanie visits with friend-of-the-show Nicol to bake autocannibalistic bread and talk about the Golden State, shark-baiting, …


Episode 130 – Fabupads

It’s been a while since the girls were together on the podcast, but they’re reunited once again!

Red Hot Mamma

Episode 128 – Prairie Mama

Melanie’s out in mid-western Canada touring her new fringe show, so this episode is all her (well, along with some friends she …

Miga, The Savvy Bird

Episode 126 – The Savvy Zoo

The girls open this episode by introducing a couple new members of the Savvy family. Melanie performed again at the recent World …