Episode 142 – Knitted Crackers

In this episode, Melanie talks about a dress she received from her nemesis, Deborah gives a quick update, then Savvy Mom takes over! She talks about a mystery afghan she’s working on, describes some unique holiday knitting and crocheting she did, and then reads a story from 1912!

Tired Traveller

Episode 141 – The Knitting Bell

In this episode, Melanie recaps some recent travel adventures (including a TV appearance), describes the talk she gave at the Long Island Knitting Guild, interviews some Long Island knitters, brings back a word, and offers tips for travelling with knitting.


Episode 139 – Belated Rhinebeck

Here it is, finally: our shamefully overdue (and somewhat abbreviated) episode from the 2014 New York State Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, New York. In this episode, the girls talk to Sheila from Bosworth Spindles, Chris from Into the Whirled, Ron from The Buffalo Wool Co., and listener and super-nice person Alison …