Episode 144 – The Birds

In this episode, Melanie and Deborah talk about the baby birds they’re fostering and they visit Lynn and the Village Knitter LYS on Long Island. They also talk about their involvement in the upcoming World Wide Knit In Public Day event in NYC. Deborah talks about her knitting and Melanie …

Episode 143 – A Sheep Unlicked

In this episode, Melanie and Deborah take a trip to the 2015 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. They stop on the way to visit listener TwinsetJan on her farm. At the show, they talk with Knitallthestuff (Jen), and pop by the Big Springs Farm & Fiber booth (among many others).


Episode 142 – Knitted Crackers

In this episode, Melanie talks about a dress she received from her nemesis, Deborah gives a quick update, then Savvy Mom takes over! She talks about a mystery afghan she’s working on, describes some unique holiday knitting and crocheting she did, and then reads a story from 1912!