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Episode 187 – Back in the (Knitted) Saddle

We’re (finally!) back… Mum talks about Rhinebeck, and Melanie tells about her upcoming off-Broadway run, and her travels to Asia (with a bit of help from her cheeky sparrow).  We bring back a word, and promise (for real, guys!) to podcast regularly from now on…(!!)

Episode 186 – Sparkle Explosion

From Canada to The Maldives to England, this episode has adventures, sparkles, and…actual knitting content (I KNOW, right?!) Melanie travels for work, this time going even farther from her sweet bird, to the islands of The Maldives.  Savvy Mum takes a break from renovation stress for a virgin attempt at …

Episode 185 – Grout and Other Delights

SavvyMum is back, with chat about home renos, babies, and even knitting!  There’s a Swapetition update, clips from Melanie’s new CD, and (more) travel chat… Interested in Supporting Melanie’s new CD project?  Check out her IndiGogo Page:

Episode 183 – Short and Sweet

SavvyMum and Melanie are crazy busy this week – but that doesn’t mean there isn’t time for some podcasting.   SavvyMum talks about the upcoming Passover Seder, and Melanie gives an update on her crafting (and non-crafting) activities.  And, of course, Colette sparrow joins in the fun!   (And yes, …

Episode 182 – Defenestration

It’s podcasting time again, and luckily, Melanie has lots of help!  Christine (StitchThisFreud on Ravalry) and Ester join her, for lots of chatting about life goals, defenestration, and even…knitting!   Also, it’s time for Swapetition!  Sign up before March 15, to join in the craziest and best swap ever…

Episode 181 – All The Socks

Savvymum is back, along with her knitting friend, Reverend Mark Chiang. Do you like socks?  Well, then you’ll love listening to Mark wax poetic about his sock obsession.  (Also, knitting madness and wit make for a great interview…) Also, Mum and Melanie answer listener questions.  Do you have a question?  …

Episode 179 – Babies and Birdies

This episode is all about SavvyMum, as she visits with Deborah in Ottawa and Melanie in Alberta.  Deborah’s babies Isadora Libby and Amelia Rose join the podcast, and of course Colette Sparrow is on hand to peep and flutter her opinion. Discussion Includes: – Melanie’s Bluebonnets Forever Shawl (Designed by …

Melanie in Shawl

Episode 178 – Back for the Holidays

  Melanie is back, with some help from Savvy Mum, to start things off again with some knitting and holiday chat. The podcast will be out regularly again from now on, so take your knitting sticks out of your ears (or wherever else you keep them), and start listening!