Episode 17 – Happy Birthsqueak!

It’s a birthday party, and everyone’s invited!

Melanie gets ready to celebrate her special day. She delivers a piggy sweater to Big Red at Katie’s Critters. The gerbils make a special present, and even New York City Transit gets involved when Melanie attempts to knit.
Deborah plays with her friend Corinne in Buenos Aires, and they learn some other unpleasant facts about guinea piggies. If you want to see a picture of the Peruvian delicacy, click here.

Thank you to Gerbilgal for the wonderful interview!
Check out her Etsy shop, and read her gerbil Digger’s Journal. (It is brilliant. If you read it, you will cry. I am almost crying even thinking of it… *sniff*)

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Music from this episode:
Birthday Song from Zorba the Greek
Incidental Music by Handel and Purcell
Our Little Secret from Promises, Promises

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