Episode 26 – Highly Suspect Canadians

In this episode Deborah comes to you from Buenos Aires, Argentina and Melanie podcasts from Lake Dunmore, Vermont.

Melanie is in Vermont to sing with the Opera Company of Middlebury.
How many States are there in the USA? Deborah finds the answer on Wikipedia. The internet knows everything.

Need help organizing your crafts?
Either visit Ikea or tune in to this episode for other great ideas.

Congratulations to our Craft Room Ideas contest winner, Arielluria, from Texas. Check out her great idea for DPN storage!

Melanie interviews listener Martha who is the creative mind behind Green Mountain Knitting Bags. Her work is beautiful! Check it out!

SavvyGirlMom (and SavvyGirlDad) join Melanie for today’s Knit-Lit; Mrs. Isabella Beeton’s Book of Household Management tells us everything we need to know about running a home.

Does anyone knit while they cook? How about a dumpling cozy?

Deborah and Melanie talk about how to repurpose everyday items to assist with your knitting.

Finally, join us for part two of the original radio drama, The Case Of The Ivory Needles.

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