Episode 32 – All About The Men

Deborah’s loving Columbia, so Melanie joins her down there to see what all the fuss is about.
But first, she meets up with listener Marian for some adventure.

Deborah made the Amused sweater out of Milana Chelsea yarn, and Melanie’s working on socks again!

SavvyDad returns to answer more listener queries; and our original radio drama, The Case Of The Ivory Needles, continues. (Missed the beginning? Get caught up here!)

Remember our Bringing It Back segment? Well we, um, bring it back. See if you can work our featured word into everyday conversation, and let us know!

Then, Deborah talks some more about choosing sweater patterns (and clothes in general) that are most flattering to your body shape. This time, the men get all the attention.

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