Episode 57 – The Loser Tax

All this traveling seems to be affecting Melanie rather…uniquely. Amid tales of dodging the Law in western Canada, she recounts a strange, synesthetic (and yarnful) dream she had.

Deborah, meanwhile, is just getting over a cold. Unsurprisingly, that hasn’t kept her away from a variety of knitting projects.

While Melanie was fringe-ing about, she was able to meet and interview two of our awesome listeners: narfaz and ninidoo.

Finally, Savvy Mom reads a bit from the Janet Lambert book, Star Spangled Summer, and Melanie joins her in analyzing a short clip from a recent episode of the TV show, Weeds.

Music from this episode:
In This Moment – The Rabbit Hole: The Dream
Yodelice – Sunday with the flu
Arogant Worms – Canada’s Really Big
Flo Rida – Right Round

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