Episode 69 – Spiflicate

Welcome back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Melanie’s on the wrong side of the law, but she’s distracting herself from that trauma by focusing on planning for her new knitting-themed CD and her upcoming fringe plays.

Deborah has been lost in sweater fantasies and old Yarn Harlot posts, but she has actually been knitting, too; specifically the Larch cardigan, Trail jacket, and Minty hat.

Savvy Mom gets a chance to talk about what she’s been working on in her Karen’s Crochet Corner segment, and she and Melanie chat about Dr Watson’s important knitwear (sorry for the spoilers!).

Then, Deborah reviews the Zephyr Acrylic Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needles. Will these be the perfect knitting sticks for travel? You’ll have to listen to find out…

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