Episode 7 – Dear Future Self…

This episode is brought to you from the past! It all seems confusing, but it would be behoove you to listen; all will be explained. Probably.

This week Melanie prepares to move to New York City, while Deborah packs for a weekend of yarn-hunting in Uruguay.

The Savvy Girls have their first podcast-fight … almost. It would behoove them both to get along, at least while they are podcasting.

Deborah goes on and on (and on) about more yarns in her stash, while Melanie spins a yarn (ha ha, get it?) about knitting.

Deborah’s yarns come from Moussa and Mullingar.

Gretchan am Spinnerade by Schubert
Ordinary Day by Great Big Sea
Theme from The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror
Theme from Sierra’s Gold Rush!
Knit You A Jumper by Love, Sage

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