Episode 75 – Homophones and History

As we return to our regularly scheduled programming, the Savvy Girls have a lot to talk about.

Deborah’s really excited to move to her next destination. It may not be that exotic, but she’s got a lot to look forward to.
Meanwhile, though, she’s got knitting to focus on. During last month’s Malabrigo March, she made a pair of fingerless mitts, a hat, a silk & stranded winter-wear project, a jeweled cowl, and a textured shawl.

Melanie’s got her own plans to be excited about: travel! (Any surprise there?)

The girls talk a bit about Melanie’s new CD of knitting-themed songs from World War I, Knitting All the Day. The physical CD isn’t quite yet ready, but it’s already available for download from CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon.

It’s time for another contest! This one’s a bit more… open… than most others…

And SavvyUnc pops in again to share some thoughts and insight about the knitting CD (can you tell we’re excited about it?), and the time period that the songs come from.

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