Episode 77 – Cassette Tapes That Rock

 Sockhead Hat (from Socks That Rock, Lightweight)

Melanie kicks off a series of travel shows with a quick stop in Minnesota, where she visits StevenBe‘s shop, and meets up with listener Rosanne. Then she spends a few (somewhat frustrating) days in London, as she makes her way to eastern Europe.

Deborah, meanwhile, has got some updates on her goings-on. Unsurprisingly, that includes a healthy amount of knitting (mostly with Socks that Rock):
Sockhead Hat
Larch Cardigan
Just Yer Basic Sport Sock
Fingerless mittens
Simple Pleasures Hat (from the Purl Bee blog)

Deborah also talks to friend and avid crocheter Dominik, who reviews the book Custom Crocheted Sweaters: Make Garments that Really Fit for us.

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