Episode 91 – Howler Monkeys and Dancing Bears

Beary Cute Sisters
The Savvy Girls have been busy lately: working, performing, speed-dating, and even partying!

Deborah hasn’t been able to do much knitting, so she talks a bit about some interesting projects that were made and posted by members of our Ravelry group.

Last episode‘s introduction of our sponsor a crocheter program has gotten people excited! Listeners Domicroche and bellefleur45 are among those who’ve expressed interest.

The girls have some exciting travel planned for next month. They’re speaking at the Madison Knitters’ Guild on January 14th and at the Minnesota Knitters’ Guild in Minneapolis on January 15th
Melanie will also be performing her knitting-themed show in both cities.

In Canada, this time of year (normally) makes people think of hockey, and sometimes the associated knitwear. Deborah pays homage to this with a reading of the classic children’s book, The Hockey Sweater.

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