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Bringing It Back

Snowflake Set

Episode 116 – Giving the Mitten

Deborah has run off to Italy, so Savvy Mom fills in once again. She and Melanie talk about crafting projects, Melanie’s upcoming CD, old movies, snowflake blocking, and much more. Melanie will be performing at Spokane Falls Community College on January 17th, and will be at Vogue Knitting Live in …

Storm Savvy

Episode 90 – Magnanimous

In this show, the girls attempt to bring back a word, awkwardly improvise some knit-lit, and talk about a passel of other topics, all randomly drawn from a hat. If you haven’t already, check out episodes 67 and 68 for more live-to-tape goodness!

Episode 69 – Spiflicate

Welcome back to our regularly scheduled programming… Melanie’s on the wrong side of the law, but she’s distracting herself from that trauma by focusing on planning for her new knitting-themed CD and her upcoming fringe plays. Deborah has been lost in sweater fantasies and old Yarn Harlot posts, but she has actually …

Highway Hat

Episode 59 – A Passel of Sheep and Wool

This weekend (October 14-16), the Savvy Girls are going to Rhinebeck! (AKA The New York Sheep & Wool Festival) They’re super-excited, and they’ve got lots of related fun planned. If you’re in the area, come by one of the meetups (details below) and say hi. Shockingly enough, though, there is …

Episode 40 – Melabirthday

It’s Melanie’s birthday! Deborah’s working on the Seascape Stole and doing even more sewing… but Melanie’s in birthday-mode with some tales of birthday past, some knit-lit, and lots more. Plus, The Case Of The Ivory Needles (our original radio drama) nears its conclusion. Listen to the first four parts, if …

Episode 32 – All About The Men

Deborah’s loving Columbia, so Melanie joins her down there to see what all the fuss is about. But first, she meets up with listener Marian for some adventure. Deborah made the Amused sweater out of Milana Chelsea yarn, and Melanie’s working on socks again! SavvyDad returns to answer more listener …