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Episode 51 – Knees Up Savvy Melanie

Melanie continues her adventure in the streets of Morocco, then she pops back to the UK where she goes back for more yarn shopping at Loop, visits with A Playful Day‘s lovely host GreenTriangleGirl, goes to a Kate Rusby concert, and meets some distant relatives for the first time.

Episode 49 – The Courage Pail

Melanie’s still travelling! Join her as she explores more of the Czech Republic, shares some travel tips, (eventually) finds a local yarn store—and talks a bit about the yarn that she found, and meets up with a listener in Germany.

Episode 48 – Czeching Out Prague

Deborah’s much-anticipated solo episode gets pushed back, as Melanie once again takes the reins. She recently performed in the Czech Republic, and had a wonderful time exploring the city and meeting new people. Listen as she takes you, dearest listener, along for the ride. Enjoy!

Episode 47 – The Stallisode

The Savvy Girls are together again, back home in Canada. Savvy Mom brings some learning into the sisterly silliness, with a bit of a grammar lesson. Melanie traveled to London on the day of the royal wedding, and made sure to document it all for you. Try as she might, …

Episode 46 – A Family Affair

It’s Passover, and (almost) the whole family is podcasting! Melanie is in St. Albert getting ready to go to Europe, and Deborah is heading home for a visit. Before she left New York, Melanie performed with some friends in New Jersey. Somehow, the knitting talk just couldn’t be avoided. Deborah …

Episode 45 – The Old Gray Mare

You’ve waited long enough: We finally announce the winners of our ‘ruined knitwear’ contest! We had a lot of fun with this one.  Check out the Ravelry thread to read some of the tragic entries. Deborah has almost got a new spinning wheel. While she’s waiting, shes keeping herself busy …

Kidsilk Haze yarn

Episode 44 – Kidsilly Haze

A few shows back, we launched a contest to describe the ultimate knitting bag, and we’re happy to announce the winners. Thanks to everyone that entered! Deborah brings back the knitting with an update on her Malabrigo March Knit-Along, a yarn from her stash, and an interesting knitting-related article. Not …

Episode 43 – The Prerogative Of The Harlot

In January, the Girls got the opportunity to talk with famed author and blogger, The Yarn Harlot, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. Listen for the full interview! Deborah’s finally finished her Ruby Red cardigan. The New York run of Melanie’s fringe play has just wrapped up. Thanks to everyone that came out to …