Episode 11 – Socks To Dye For


Melanie and Deborah are, alas… apart once again, and they assuage their loneliness by… podcasting!

Deborah updates us on the Aran Afghan (from episode 2), and describes the Modern Log Cabin Blanket and the Mud Season Sweater that she’s working on.

She also discusses White Buffalo Unspun yarn, and the controversy surrounding the Cowichan Olympic sweaters.

Meanwhile, Melanie attempts to knit a sock. It doesn’t end well.

Melanie talks about her upcoming singing gig, in the opera And The Rat Laughed with Opera York.
An interview with Melanie can be read here.

Not to be outdone, Deborah records a special wool-themed song, just for you!

The girls bring back the word “matey”. Use it in a sentence, aye darrrrr yah!

Songs this week include:
Don’t Tamper With My Sister from On a Clear Day You Can See Forever
Music from Handel’s Giulio Cesare
Ordinary Day by Great Big Sea
Musical Clips from And the Rat Laughed by Ella Milch-Sheriff.

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