Episode 10 – State Fair!


Mel and Deborah celebrate their tenth episode with a visit to Rhinebeck for the NY Sheep & Wool Festival.

The knitters (and hippies) come out in force! Mel thinks that everyone is crazy.
(Seriously…that auctioneer isn’t using words. Is that what it sounds like when someone speaks in tongues?)
Rhinebeck seems to be the ultimate pick-up joint, for a bargain!
Melanie would rather be hooking…and would prefer to be warm. Maybe both at the same time.

Interviews With:
Claudia from Eastport Yarns (eastportyarns.com)
Truffles, the surrey alpaca
Margaret from Green Mountain Spinneries
Joe from the Oasis Yarn Company
Devon, Michelle, Kate, and Katie – kindred spirits with excellent tastes in wool!
Carolyn, Heather, and Sarah – all enthusiastic Ravelers!
Pat from Times Remembered
Sarah and Elise – an articulate and entertaining daughter-mother team (sorry New Jersey!)
Lyla, Bluebee, and their friend Lydia – happy new bunny owners!

Big thanks to all of our guests!

Ordinary Day (Great Big Sea)
State Fair (State Fair)
I Hate to get up in the Morning (Berlin)
Jovial Farmer Boy
Cold Feet (The Drowsy Chaperone)
Dainty June and her Farmboys (Gypsy)
How you Gonna Keep ‘Em Down on the Farm (Edens/Garland)
Uncle Sam is Rich Enough to Give us all a Farm
Songs of Innocence
The Farmer and the Ploughman (Oklahoma!)
A Little Pretty Bonny Lass (Farmer/King’s Singers)
Endless Pleasure (Semele)
My friend, I went to the market
The Little Horses (Copland)

Goodnight all – Sweet dreams!

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