Episode 193 – Halloween Rainbows

Two Savvy Girls dressed as rainbows standing with two excited toddlers dressed for Halloween.

Melanie, Deborah and Savvy Mum are back (with SavvyBird fluttering around to join the fun)! With a bit of a catch-up, knitting and crafting talk, and banter, we’re back to podcasting regularly.

Sorry for the long hiatus, but we’re back with yarn, stories, fun, and adventure!

Deborah has been busy, from sewing masks to making creative costumes for her little yarn balls (the twins), to turning her and Melanie into Hallowe’en rainbows.

Melanie is going back on tour in 2022! Check out her webpage for her updated touring schedule.

Also, Melanie wrote a book! Pre-order Deanna Durbin, Judy Garland and the Golden Age of Hollywood now – the first biography of Canadian movie great Deanna Durbin.

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