Episode 194 – Shawl of Regret

Melanie is going back on tour in 2022! Check out her webpage for her updated touring schedule. She’ll be basically everywhere, including Fresno CA, Orlando FL, all over Northern England, Edinburgh, Winnipeg and Montreal, Canada.

The words we’re bringing back today are: Boulevardier and Toggery

Also, Melanie wrote a book! Pre-order Deanna Durbin, Judy Garland and the Golden Age of Hollywood now – the first biography of Canadian movie great Deanna Durbin. Since the book isn’t out until (several months) after the holidays, if you pre-order a book and send Melanie a screenshot, she’ll send you out a free CD – pretty good deal, right??

Thank you to Jennifer Harris for being such a great guest! Order her fantastic book She Stitched the Stars HERE and follow her on Twitter. This is a great history and crafting and a perfect gift for young readers…or anyone!

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