Episode 3 – Butter Yellow and Army Green

In today’s show we use some words that may be inappropriate for sensitive young ears. Nothing really serious, but you might want to listen to this one with earphones on.

Hats off to the 3rd sibling in our family, Andrew, for all his behind-the-scenes work on the podcast.

Deborah learns to spin, and makes a tortured decision about buying a wheel.

Melanie talks about margarine. Yes. She really does. Is it related to knitting? Not really, but it is interesting nonetheless.

Deborah picks another yarn from her stash. Hopefully these past weeks will have been the last time she has to see this stuff! Find the knitty.com French Market Bag here.

Our Bringing It Back word is lots of fun!
Use this one is a sentence. I DARE you!

Music used in this episode:

  • Ordinary Day – Great Big Sea (with thanks to the Podsafe Music Network)
  • The Warmth Of Wool-Knit Clothing – The Modlins
  • Pardon me, I didn’t knit that for you – Sung by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne of Mason Dixon Knitting
  • The Knitting Song – “I want to knit myself a sweater” – Sophie Madeleine
  • I like knitting – I’m a Little Wrong Note – Sung by Arthur Askey

Thanks for listening!

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