Episode 4 – Alpaca Crossing!

Today we celebrate Deborah’s birthday with a bonus episode!

Deborah goes shopping for presents for herself, Melanie sends her a present, and Deborah hosts a birthday knitting party.

What do YOU think about when you are in bed falling asleep?

Melanie tells of her encounter with “a big black woolly beast-monster“.

Patterns we discuss include:

No Bringing It Back word today, but we do make use of the terms yarn-spree and yarn-gasm. Is that good enough?

And Three Little Kittens totally trash some lovely hand-knit mittens. What a bunch of animals!
(On The Tree Top, by Clara Doty Bates and Others, 1881. Courtesy of the Gutenburg Project.)

Music used in this episode:

  • Ordinary Day – Great Big Sea (with thanks to the Podsafe Music Network)
  • The Knitting Song – “I want to knit myself a sweater” – Sophie Madeleine
  • Doozer Knitting Song – Fraggle Rock, episode “The Great Radish Famine”

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