Episode 9 – Malabrigo Day!

At the Malabrigo factory

Clear your iPods, this is a long one!

Today the Savvy Girls go wild – traveling to the ends of the earth (or at least to Uruguay) for interesting knitting tidbits.

Melanie buys some companionship (no, it’s not what you think!); and Deborah professes her love for all things Malabrigo.

We are going to The Rhinebeck Festival on October 17.
If you are in the New York area and want to rideshare with us, contact us ASAP.

Interesting links from today’s episode include:
Katie’s Critters
Joji’s website

You wear them, so why not bring it back?
Dungarees (AKA Jeans)

Deborah is knitting:
Star-Crossed Slouchy Beret by Natalie Larson

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Steppin’ to the beat of:
Romance Anonimo (by Adventures Of Leonid)
If That’s Your Idea of a Wonderful Time (by Irving Berlin, sung by Melanie Gall)
Malabrigo Song (Written and performed by MediaWorkZone)
Malabrigo Galore (performed by Lykkefanten)
Sisters (performed by Peggy Lee)
and, as always,
Ordinary Day (performed by Great Big Sea)
Doozer Knitting Song (from Fraggle Rock)

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