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Episode 61 – The Second Day of The Third Rhinebeck

In this episode, we pick up where the last one left off, as The Savvy Girls cover the second day of this year’s Rhinebeck festival. Listener Cynthia asks Savvy Dad a question, then Deborah tries to interview Designer Stephen West… but gets interrupted by a very enthusiastic fan. The Girls …

Melanie remembered a knitting term!

Episode 60 – The Third Rhinebeck

In this episode, join Melanie and Deborah for their adventures on the first day of Rhinebeck, 2011. The Girls met lots of great people, and had the pleasure of talking to several of them in this show, including: Sarah Natalie Fran Amy Becky Genevieve Laura from the delicious Bennett’s Maple …

Episode 52 – Florida Fun

Melanie caps off her solo-traveling series with a trip to Florida for the Orlando Fringe Festival. When she wasn’t coughing her way through performances, she was meeting lots of great new friends–she even got to visit Disney World and go yarn shopping with listener kigeliakitten!

Episode 51 – Knees Up Savvy Melanie

Melanie continues her adventure in the streets of Morocco, then she pops back to the UK where she goes back for more yarn shopping at Loop, visits with A Playful Day‘s lovely host GreenTriangleGirl, goes to a Kate Rusby concert, and meets some distant relatives for the first time.

Episode 48 – Czeching Out Prague

Deborah’s much-anticipated solo episode gets pushed back, as Melanie once again takes the reins. She recently performed in the Czech Republic, and had a wonderful time exploring the city and meeting new people. Listen as she takes you, dearest listener, along for the ride. Enjoy!

Episode 47 – The Stallisode

The Savvy Girls are together again, back home in Canada. Savvy Mom brings some learning into the sisterly silliness, with a bit of a grammar lesson. Melanie traveled to London on the day of the royal wedding, and made sure to document it all for you. Try as she might, …

Live! From New York

Episode 41 – Vogue Knitting Live!

The Savvy Girls went to the Vogue Knitting Live knitting show in New York last weekend. They had a fantastic time and got to meet and chat with some great people! Interviews in this show: Debbi, Marcy, and Susan at the Blue Moon Fibre Arts booth Julie Wisenberger of Cocoknits …