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Episode 35 – Hipsidaisies

In this episode, we take you back in time — to last month’s New York City Yarn Crawl! Melanie was on the Dr. Oz Show! Watch her segment here! The girls chat with fellow crawlers Kelly and Maddy, Carol of Moonlit Alpacas, and Mike at Rags & Riches Fabrics.

Episode 34 – Rhinebeck Redux

In this episode the savvy sisters are with Savvy Mom at the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY. Deborah takes a short row class from Lily Chin. Deborah and Melanie meet Jess and Casey from Ravelry, and lots of current and (hopefully) future listeners. They also …

Deborah's Swag

Episode 24 – No Room at the Inn

In this episode the very overtired Deborah and Melanie bring you their experiences at the New England Gerbil Show and the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Friday June 30, 2010 Melanie travels to Nashua, New Hampshire from New York City Deborah drives from Ottawa, Ontario to Nashua, New Hampshire Saturday …