Episode 75 – Homophones and History

As we return to our regularly scheduled programming, the Savvy Girls have a lot to talk about. Deborah’s really excited to move to her next destination. It may not be that exotic, but she’s got a lot to look forward to. Meanwhile, though, she’s got knitting to focus on. During …

Melanie in Yosemite

Episode 73 – The Armadillo House

In this episode, Melanie wraps up her recent trip to Fresno, California. She did a bunch of interviews (but sadly some of them were lost): Mrs. Kitsch Yana from Yana’s Needle Art jancanpurl The Knit Addiction Anzula


Episode 72 – California (Savvy) Girl

This episode (and the next) is from Melanie’s recent trip to Fresno, California, for the Rogue theatre festival. She got to talk to lots of people, including the Sheeper Than Therapy local knitting group, Debbie, Lynn Ruth Miller, Jasmin and Gigi (and Andrew) from the Knitmore Girls podcast, and a …

Drawing Doggies

Episode 71 – The Knitting Fairy

  As we begin Malabrigo March, the Savvy Girls both have a lot to be excited about. (Not the least of which is the fun surprise they arranged for the podcast!) Savvy Dad drops in to answer some more listener questions. Then, Melanie and Savvy Mom (and some furry helpers) …

Episode 70 – The Naked Dance

Melanie’s still busy with lots of projects: she’s hard at work on her new knitting CD; and in just a few weeks, she’ll be performing her Edith Piaf show at the Fresno Fringe. Deborah’s been able to work on (and even finish!) some knitting projects, including a thong for a male …

Episode 69 – Spiflicate

Welcome back to our regularly scheduled programming… Melanie’s on the wrong side of the law, but she’s distracting herself from that trauma by focusing on planning for her new knitting-themed CD and her upcoming fringe plays. Deborah has been lost in sweater fantasies and old Yarn Harlot posts, but she has actually …

Episode 68 – Size Fat

Another (mostly) unedited live-to-tape episode! Some links from the show: Video Power game show SavvyBro’s afghan toadyjoe (Outlier podcast) deltapurl (Etsy store) Dr. Spencer Reid Traveling Woman shawl Sockhead hat

Grabby Monkey

Episode 67 – Topics from a Toilet

This episode is somewhat of a unique experiment for the Savvy Girls: an entire podcast done in one sitting. Topics were chosen at random from a hat (plus a couple from Twitter) and the girls had to talk about the chosen topic until the timer ran out. Hope you like …