Episode 90 – Magnanimous

In this show, the girls attempt to bring back a word, awkwardly improvise some knit-lit, and talk about a passel of other topics, all randomly drawn from a hat. If you haven’t already, check out episodes 67 and 68 for more live-to-tape goodness!

Rhinebeck Sign

Episode 89 – Dishes Full of Sink

It’s Rhinebeck time again! This episode is from the 2012 New York State Sheep and Wool festival. The girls met and chatted with lots of great people during that weekend, and interviewed several of them in this episode, including: Jen from the Down Cellar Studio Podcast, Liz Marino and Miss …

Rhinebeck shirts

Episode 88 – Seven Pumpkins and a Gourd

It’s our pre-Rhinebeck show! The girls are getting really excited for the New York State Sheep and Wool festival coming up this weekend. If you’re going to be there, Melanie will be signing her CD, and they’ll be at the Ravelry meetups Keep an eye on our Twitter account for …

Poet Society Tam 1

Episode 87 – Reunited in the City

The girls are in New York and back together! They’ve both been busy setting up their new apartment, but now that they’ve gotten settled they can get back to what’s important: knitting! Melanie’s finished a couple of projects: A Madeline Tosh Poet Society Tam, and a Fortnight hat. Deborah has …

Episode 86 – The Better End of the Deal

Melanie is still busy with fringe festivals, but she catches you up on her adventures. Meanwhile, Deborah’s getting settled and unpacked in New York, and she’s in nesting mode. Have a look at her Pinterest page to see what she’s into. Other crafts are fun, but this is a knitting …

TNNA Girls

Episode 85 – Sewing and Sanding

This time on the show, Deborah takes over! She is now all settled in the Big Apple: she’s finding her way around the city, and (unsurprisingly) getting deep into a lot of different creative projects. This episode also includes several interviews from TNNA: Sarah and Mary-Heather from Ravelry Jean from …

Knitting on Stage

Episode 84 – The Regina Monologues

Melanie’s got a whole bunch of fringe diaries from Regina — including some great interviews. Deborah brings some more interviews from TNNA, with John from the Briggs & Little Woolen Mill and with Roxanne from Zen Yarn Garden.

Melanie at the Orlando Fringe theatre festival

Episode 82 – Ketchup and Pins

Deborah’s back on the show, and she is finally able to announce where she’s going next — and it’s goood! She’s got other (less-dramatic) updates too, including a long-overdue chat about her latest knitting. Last month, the girls went to The National NeedleArts Association (TNNA) trade show in Columbus, Ohio. …