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Episode 196 – Sister Sandwich

Melanie is plague free, and visiting with Deborah in Ottawa! The savvy girls discuss knitting, art (i.e., colouring with toddlers), and whatever comes into their sleep-deprived minds. Melanie mentioned her silly Songs from Quarantine videos – they’re all on her YOUTUBE Channel! Did you like the music on this episode? …

Shawl being blocked on a bed in a New York Apartment with Corona germs looming above

Episode 195 – Richard’s Portrait

Melanie, Deborah and Savvy Mum are confessing and…umm…well, not behaving much at all. But it’s time for New Year’s Confessions and other podcast silliness! Melanie is in isolation with the Omicron, but she’ll be going back on tour in 2022! Check out her webpage for her updated touring schedule. She’ll …

Episode 192 – It’s Not SARS!

It’s been a while, but Melanie and SavvyMum are back – and in quarantine – with tales of adventure, travel, awards, birds, twins and even some knitting… Melanie just finished up a tour that included Australia, New Delhi and a few hours in Japan, coming back early to quarantine before …

Episode 190 – Express Yourself!

Deborah and Melanie podcast from the car, and they…express…some stories about knitting, Deborah’s babies, and Melanie’s upcoming trip to Australia. Join the fun for some airport sister fun!

Episode 186 – Sparkle Explosion

From Canada to The Maldives to England, this episode has adventures, sparkles, and…actual knitting content (I KNOW, right?!) Melanie travels for work, this time going even farther from her sweet bird, to the islands of The Maldives.  Savvy Mum takes a break from renovation stress for a virgin attempt at …

Episode 185 – Grout and Other Delights

SavvyMum is back, with chat about home renos, babies, and even knitting!  There’s a Swapetition update, clips from Melanie’s new CD, and (more) travel chat… Interested in Supporting Melanie’s new CD project?  Check out her IndiGogo Page:

Episode 181 – All The Socks

Savvymum is back, along with her knitting friend, Reverend Mark Chiang. Do you like socks?  Well, then you’ll love listening to Mark wax poetic about his sock obsession.  (Also, knitting madness and wit make for a great interview…) Also, Mum and Melanie answer listener questions.  Do you have a question?  …

Episode 176 – Edmonton, Regina, and Edinburgh: Oh My!

Melanie is on tour again:  To Edmonton, Regina and then all the way to Edinburgh Scotland!  And luckily, she has some friends along the way to help her podcast.  This episode features: Savvy Mum Christine – the lost interview Barbara from Edinburgh *** Photos of Barbara’s wonderful knitting bag