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Episode 117 – Return to Vogue

Deborah has returned once again! In her sister’s absence, Melanie was forced to go to Vogue Knitting Live all by herself. She did, however, get to talk with some great people, including Nicole, Caroline, Louise, and Bonnie. Melanie’s latest CD of knitting songs is almost out. Follow her on Facebook …

Episode 105 – Back in Bohemia

Melanie’s travelling through Europe again! In this episode, she makes her way back to Prague (but—amazingly—didn’t get the plague this time!), she performs concerts in Dobris and Zlonice, and she visits a film festival in Karlovy Vary with some friends. And—somehow—throughout all this, she still couldn’t escape knitting.

Knitty City with Dominik & Jade

Episode 104 – The Guestisode

This episode is jam-packed with interviews from some great guests: Deborah and Savvy Mom talk to Master Spinner, Vanessa, in Alberta. Listener and friend Dominik (AKA Domicroche) and her daughter Jade visit the girls in New York, and recount their adventures. Melanie bakes madeleines with Nicol (AKA SAChoirgirl). Wisconsinites Connie …

Nothing's Changed...

Episode 100.5 – Meaty Confessions

The episode 100 fun continues! The first official Savvy Girls Crochet-Along and Knit-Along are well underway, and we’re already starting to see some great progress. You should join in! Savvy Mom’s back and she’s in New York. Naturally, that’s a perfect chance for Deborah to interview her on-air. She also brings back the knit-lit, with a …

Stiches South party

Episode 99.5 – Stitches South

We’ve got a special episode 100 planned, but we just couldn’t wait to get our episode from Stitches South out. Thanks again to Benjamin, Beth, and all the wonderful people that we met in the south.

Melanie and the Knitmores, Feeling French

Episode 97 – Swearing at Stitches

Note: This episode has quite a bit of explicit (but hilarious) language which may not be appropriate for our younger or more-sensitive listeners. Melanie takes over the show once again as she visits the Stitches West show in Santa Clara, California! As usual, she spoke with some very cool people, …

Posing at the guild meeting

Episode 95 – More from the Midwest

This episode continues the girls’ January trip to the Midwestern US, where they spoke at the knitters’ guild meetings in Wisconsin and Minnesota. They interviewed listener Larry (AKA Ledman), and visited Susan’s Fiber Shop and had a great chat with Sue. Of course, no Savvy Girl trip is complete without …

Melanie at Mood fabric store

Episode 93 – The Anti-Fan

As Melanie laments some less-than-positive feedback she received, Deborah’s attention turns to new year’s resolutions and – of course – knitting! Now that Deborah’s finished her Annelida Gauntlets and her Coyote Trail shawl, she’s been enjoying working on designer and friend Joji‘s mystery KAL. The show finishes up with some …