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Episode 193 – Halloween Rainbows

Melanie, Deborah and Savvy Mum are back (with SavvyBird fluttering around to join the fun)! With a bit of a catch-up, knitting and crafting talk, and banter, we’re back to podcasting regularly. Sorry for the long hiatus, but we’re back with yarn, stories, fun, and adventure! Deborah has been busy, …

Episode 192 – It’s Not SARS!

It’s been a while, but Melanie and SavvyMum are back – and in quarantine – with tales of adventure, travel, awards, birds, twins and even some knitting… Melanie just finished up a tour that included Australia, New Delhi and a few hours in Japan, coming back early to quarantine before …

Episode 191 – Hoppy

Savvy Mum talks about her crochet and a knitting challenge for the new season. Meanwhile, Melanie tells about her trip to Australia and interviews some knitters she met along the way: Sarah, who has a pet sparrow of her own named Jack! Hoppy the Kangaroo and his mother ‘Casting Off’ …

Episode 190 – Express Yourself!

Deborah and Melanie podcast from the car, and they…express…some stories about knitting, Deborah’s babies, and Melanie’s upcoming trip to Australia. Join the fun for some airport sister fun!

Episode 188 – Deborah Returns!

Deborah is back, and has a lot to say! She’s got knitting updates…baby updates…and a questionable taste-test. Melanie updates on her upcoming performances, and muses on where to live… Join the Savvy Girls, finally back together!

Episode 187 – Back in the (Knitted) Saddle

We’re (finally!) back… Mum talks about Rhinebeck, and Melanie tells about her upcoming off-Broadway run, and her travels to Asia (with a bit of help from her cheeky sparrow).  We bring back a word, and promise (for real, guys!) to podcast regularly from now on…(!!)

Episode 186 – Sparkle Explosion

From Canada to The Maldives to England, this episode has adventures, sparkles, and…actual knitting content (I KNOW, right?!) Melanie travels for work, this time going even farther from her sweet bird, to the islands of The Maldives.  Savvy Mum takes a break from renovation stress for a virgin attempt at …

Episode 185 – Grout and Other Delights

SavvyMum is back, with chat about home renos, babies, and even knitting!  There’s a Swapetition update, clips from Melanie’s new CD, and (more) travel chat… Interested in Supporting Melanie’s new CD project?  Check out her IndiGogo Page: